Consultation Fees

AgeEnrolled ($)Casual ($)CSC ($)

ACC Fees

AgeEnrolled ($)Casual ($)CSC ($)

Nurse Prescriber Fees

AgeEnrolled ($)Casual ($)CSC ($)

Service fees

Drivers licence medical (doctor)88
Drivers licence (nurse prescriber)73
Travel consult (doctor only)88
Punch biopsy150+
Surgical fee400+
Home visit135
Steroid injectionConsult + 30
Aclasta infusion225
Iron infusion (funded)200
Iron infusion (unfunded)200 for infusion + 180 per ampoule
SmearsFee ($)
Cervical screening requiring speculum Consult + 10
Smear + doctor's consultConsult + 30
ECGFee ($)
Doctors consults + ECGConsult + 40
Practice Nurse chargesFee ($)
Consult18-30 +
Liquid nitrogen18+
Blood pressure18
Dressing (non ACC)28 +
Removal of sutures/staples$28min +/- consumables
PrescriptionsFee ($)
0–6 years0
6–13 years20
Over 14 years 30
Over 14 years urgent same day43
CSC adult18
CSC urgent same day33
Forms & documentationFee ($)
Referral requests / insurance forms10–30

Fee System

Fees are to be paid at time of consult. Lates charges for fees will apply - $5/month incurring for late fee payments.

We know the patient fee system can be very confusing.

In New Zealand, you need to enrol in a medical practice to access subsidised fees. You can only enrol in one medical practice at a time in New Zealand. If you are a New Zealand Citizen or Resident, the government will provide some funding for your medical care. The medical practice will receive this funding and be able to give you subsidised fees. If you do not enrol, then you will have to pay "casual", unsubsidised fees. We need this enrolment form renewed every 3 years.

In order to enrol, we need proof of your New Zealand citizenship or residency. Please bring this with you when you enrol. 

Depending on the area where you live in New Zealand, the government gives each medical practice differing levels of funding. This is why some medical practices can charge more or less on their subsidised fees for enrolled patients. 

Your first consult with the doctor at our clinic will need to be a double appointment. This allows the doctor time to go through your full history and get to know you. It may also be unsubsidised if your funding has not have been received yet from the government. 

ACC consults are not covered by this government funding. Instead, ACC will pay part of your visit and you will be liable for the rest of the cost.

If you are spending more than 183 days (approx. 6 months) in a twelve month period outside of New Zealand, you will not be eligible for government funding and must advise our practice. We can still see you as a casual patient when you are here, but you will be required to pay the unsubsidised "casual" fee.